About Me

This is the place where one would put a bio…

Instead I think I’ll put my bio rant. Oddly enough writers -who would juggle dead grandmothers for attention- hate writing bios. Why? For fiction writers (like me) I suspect we feel contrained by the truth. For poets (like me) I feel we suspect the dearth of metaphor. For memoirists (like me) we fear the lack of context. “Truth is relativity. That is all you know in this world and all you need to know.”

For reviewers (like me) it’s part proclamation, part paycheck: it’s how readers (like you) know that writers (like me) have a clue of what they’re talking about it.

About this blog:

A fabulous writer (not me) and I (yes, me) agreed it was about time someone wrote a cross-genre blog. I repeated something the poet Carolyn Forche told me that her mother told her. “When you think of something that *somebody* should do, be that *somebody* and do it.”

The fabulous writer said “LOL. No, you.” And since I want her to get back to work on the next adventure of her disaster-magnet heroine, I agreed.

About this blog’s author:

I am G.L. Morrison.

G.L. Morrison is a salty, sassy force of nature. She is a rabid book nut with a too-small apartment and not enough bookshelves. She has a 3 novel a day habit which is her favorite excuse for not finishing her own novel or meeting any of her other publishing deadlines.

Her work appears in numerous online and print magazines and anthologies including Best of Best Women’s Erotica. She’s the author of the children’s book, Hungry Coyote Stories; YA work-in-progress, White Nights of Summer; and K-Ink, the erotic writer’s handbook. She does not easily fit in a nutshell.

That’s me in a nutshell.

I can be reached at

<poetrymaven@gmail.com> or <glzenfish@yahoo.com>


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