Pride and Prejudice (totally yo mama’s romance and yo grandma’s too)

January 28, 2013 at 8:39 am (Books, comic, cult and culture, lit, news, romantic comic-ity) (, , )

‘Pride And Prejudice’ Turns 200


January 27, 201312:00 PM

This week marks an important milestone for anyone who swoons at the very mention of Mr. Darcy. Pride and Prejudice is turning 200, and to celebrate its bicentennial, cartoonist Jen Sorensen drew up an illustrated version of the classic.


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Preview: The Killer Wore Leather

January 5, 2013 at 9:36 pm (bdsm, Books, mystery, Reviews, Sexy Stylings) (, , , , , , )

An excerpt from an exciting new book coming from Laura Antoniou, author of The Marketplace Series.
‎”Dom. Sub. Slave. Puppy. Switch. Alpha. Primary. Boy or boi, master, mistress, or sir and ma’am, top and bottom, 24/7, twink, tourist, Zodian, polyamorous, lifestyler, leather, latex, gear, rubber, cyberpunk, steampunk, uniform, vampire, furry…

Nancy Nichols hadn’t had such an extensive vocabulary list since the fourth grade. Arriving bright and early to discover the fallout from the meet and greet debacle, she was armed with a scene guide she’d discovered online, scrolling through the wonderful cheat sheet on her smart phone. She hadn’t bothered to do much research on the leather community before—who had the time for real work on a turkey-ass story like this one? But now that it seemed full of filler pieces she could spread out long past the actual event, it was worth it to get a grip on the lingo. She already had outlines for three lifestyle pieces and the bones of her big story on the event itself.

Nancy also had joined KinkyNet; she’d picked the screen name TellMeKinkyStories after she found out there were no less than eighty MistressNancy and LadyNancy accounts already registered. The chat boards there had been full of outraged and delighted recounts of the Mack Steel outburst, many seeming to be from people who were not actually present. Someone had started a petition demanding he be fired, or recused or censured— often misspelled censored in the comments. That seemed to lead directly into cries against censorship, supporting his freedom to say whatever he wanted.

KinkyNet did not seem like a place she was going to get a lot of useable material if so many of the users were morons. On the other hand, merely stating that “the online bizarre sex community, represented by the million-user KinkyNet, erupted in fury over the controversy…” seemed like a fair statement…”
——– from The Killer Wore Leather, by Laura Antoniou, coming out in February from Cleis Press

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