Selling out… and cheap!

September 19, 2011 at 2:32 pm (Books, Reviews, romantic comic-ity)

Regardless of the headline, I’m happy to join as a staff reviewer of the print and online magazine,  Affaire de Coeur . What they have to say for themselves about themselves is this:

The Affaire de Coeur magazine website works hand in hand with Affaire de Coeur magazine – a mainstay of Bay Area publications that has provided reviews for the past 29 years. Voted one of the Top Ten Publications in the Bay Area and featured in Writers Market, Affaire de Coeur keeps you updated on the latest fiction. In addition, we offer in-depth interviews of your favorite authors, educational and entertaining articles, news, trivia, contests, and tons of reviews. Every issue of Affaire de Coeur is full of fun and surprises.

Also crossword puzzles.

Okay so I had never heard of them either. Shhh… no publisher ever wants to hear that. Cover your ears, Louise. But my friend and companion in poetry, Jan Steckel (surely you’ve heard of her!) told me her friend was looking for reviewers. And since I was looking for an excuse to write something… and I have all these naked book review blogs… and Jan and I needed to slip between the virtual covers of a magazine together.


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