They made me do it or 3 reasons for blogging

September 9, 2009 at 5:49 am (Books, Reviews, Uncategorized)

There are a million bloggers in the not-so-naked city. And a million and one reasons to blog… but I could only think of three.

1) You’ve got something to say.

This brings us to the next two reasons

2) No one listens to you… so you must must pull up a virtual soapbox and go crazy on strangers like a street prophet.

3) You’re selling (or buying) something and you want someone to buy it (or give it to you for free) and so you pull out your 40 ft inflatible monkey and go crazy on strangers like a used car dealer.

The best blogs LIKE THIS ONE totally merge the above blog-reasons into a spicy cajun jumble-aya that makes you say “wow that’s delicious! what’s in it?” and the answer is always “you don’t want to know.”

This blog promises to be everything “you don’t want to know” about books. Hot sexy books. Books with mystique. Oh yeah, brilliance between the sheets. Guilty reading pleasures.

And if it’ll convince my favorite authors to give me free books then you better believe I’ll pull out the soap box and start inflating the monkey.

I’m ready to get crazy on you… like a book reviewer.


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